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Sony Max Launched Six Sports TV Channel

Sony Max Launched Six Sports TV Channel in HD Multi Screen Media (MSM) dispatch new Indian HD Sports station, which runs Sony Set Television, at last Sony SIX propelled. is an Indian games station, which likewise possesses Sony Set Entertainment Television and SET Max. SET Pix It is booked to be propelled on 7 April 2012. It will show cricket, hand to hand fighting, b-ball, football and badminton. At the point when propelled, it will be the fourteenth games direct in India According to three free sources, the system was not kidding about getting an immaculate play games divert in its bunch, even subsequent to the achievement of Indian Premier League.
Sony Max Six Sports TV Channel India

Sony SIX HD possesses the show rights in India for the Indian Premier League (IPL) and expects to telecast the IPL on SIX from 2013 forward. Aside from the IPL, MSM India possesses the show rights in India for UFC Mixed Martial Arts, New Zealand Cricket, FA Cup and NBA, which it means to telecast on SIX. In light of arrangements for SIX, MSM India had additionally offered for the telecast rights for Indian cricket which it lost to STAR TV. MSM Indias choice to proceed with the dispatch of SIX HD in spite of losing the offer astounded spectators, since contenders like Ten Sports and NEO Sports are thinking that its hard to manage themselves fall.

This will be the eleventh games divert in the business. The passage will give Sony a stage to tackle adversaries STAR and Zee, who as of now command the space with ESPN Star Sports and Taj Television (possessed by Zee system). Between these two systems, there are seven channels worked, which incorporate ESPN, STAR Sports, STAR Cricket, TEN Sports, TEN Cricket, TEN Action+ and TEN Golf. Different channels incorporate Neo Sports, Neo Cricket and DD Sports. How to watch Sony Six?

Watch Sony Six HD Channel On This Frequency
Sony six (SD) and Sony set(HD) Start test transmission begin in Intelsat 17 at 66.0 east on tp 3845 H 30000. SIX SD () 3845,H,30000 95% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E mixed station.

This channel likewise accessible on DTH Platform like Dish Tv, Tata Sky and other
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MAKE MONEY WITH PUPPETS! a step by step eBook guide to puppetry profit by Internet Puppetry Guru Paul Louis

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"I will have to give Pauly a thumbs up on this one. Im not going to give anything away here, but this could very well be a puppeteers Bible. Now to shrink it to a small book to fit in my pocket."
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a step-by-step eBook guide to puppetry profit, by Internet Puppetry Guru, Paul Louis.

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Feeling Light Headed After Squats and Deadlifts And How To Solve It

Some of us get light headed after doing squats. The good news is that you are not alone. This happens to more people than you think, so no need quit the gym before something bad happens.

What is the cause and what can you do to make sure everything is OK? There are a variety of possible reasons why this could happen, so see our list below and see what suits you best according to your personal situation.

1. Core Pressure (The Valsalva Maneuver)

You could be light-headed because of the pressure placed on your core when doing squats and dead lifts. Strengthening of the core is always essential for doing powerful lifts like the squat. Additionally, the way you breathe will have a massive impact on allowing your core to cope with the pressure placed on it during these lifts. The core is placed under a lot of pressure as it is the connection between your legs pushing against the floor and the bar pushing you down.
DO NOT inhale during the concentric (standing up during the squat) part of the movement because this opens up the core and massively decreases its ability to cope with pressure. By exhaling whilst restricting the amount of air that exits through your mouth, you force your core to tighten. When the core is tightened, it can withstand more pressure when you lift the weight further from the ground. Breathe in as normal when you go down and exhale whilst restricting the amount of air leaving your mouth to tighten your core when returning to a normal standing position. Dont worry about focusing on your breathing throughout your entire set, just focus on tightening your core by exhaling forcefully when you straighten your legs during the squat. It is recommended NOT to block airflow entirely with your mouth during the movement, as studies have shown that this will dramatically increase your blood pressure momentarily.
This helps most people with their light-headed feeling from squatting.

2. The Bar is on Your Neck

If you do back squats with the bar resting on your shoulders, then there is also a high chance that the pressure between the bar and your neck could be restricting blood flow to your brain. This could explain why the light-headed feeling only comes once you have place the bar back on the rack and off your neck, allowing blood flow to eventually get to your head.
As a solution, you could replace back squats with front squats, which will be harder to master at first, but will be beneficial for other reasons, like the fact that front squats minimize lumbar spine flexion, and stabilize the core better.   
Additionally, if you are going to do back squats then you should ease the pressure between your neck and the bar mid-set, either by lifting the bar off your neck with your hands if the weight is not too heavy or by racking the bar and spacing it from your neck for a few seconds to allow for some blood flow before finishing your set.

3. Lack of Oxygen

The light-headed feeling could also be from a lack of oxygen in your blood for two reasons. Firstly, you could not be breathing enough during the lift thus allowing less oxygen to enter your system. Secondly, the massive stress placed on your whole body during the squat forces your muscles to burn up more oxygen at a faster rate to cope with the load. Since there are so many muscles being used at the same time during the squat, oxygen is used up a lot quicker in throughout the body. You could feel light headed after the squat as oxygen levels return to normal.
Remember to breathe during your set and dont hold your breath. See Point 1 above to make sure that you are breathing properly during each rep. 

4. You Are Pushing Too Hard 

Dont push your squats through the dizziness. Many people pass out because they try to push through it. The risk of sustaining serious injury if you pass out with the bar on top of you is very possible. If you start feeling light-headed during your lift, make sure to place the bar back on the rack and sit on the ground so that you dont fall over and hurt yourself if you pass out. Most likely, you will start to return to normal after a few seconds. Rather safe than sorry!

5. Blood Pressure

Both people with low high and low blood pressure have experienced light headed symptoms during squats. The best way to help with this is make sure you dont hold your breath during the movement and to make sure you are always breathing properly - again.

6. The Exercise Intensity

The sheer intensity of the exercise could be placing your body under pressure that it is not used to. This is because so many muscles are recruited to work under a very heavy load all at once. The light-headed feeling could be similar to the feeling you would get if you were an amateur runner who ran a marathon. The difference is that the intensity is not brought onto the body over time, but all at once. If this is the case, take it easy, reduce the weight or rest longer in-between sets until your body gets used the movement and the weight. If you keep at it your body will adapt and be able to perform the workload without feeling faint afterwards.

7. Blood Circulation

During the squat, a large portion of the muscles in your body contract, forcing blood out of them, like squeezing a wet sponge and the water runs out. Once you finish squatting, the muscles relax, allowing lots of blood to run back into your muscles. Since a lot of blood runs back into the muscles (including large muscles like your legs), there is less blood momentarily available for your lungs and heart to send oxygen to your brain, causing the light-headed feeling your feel afterwards.
The countermeasure for this is to remain standing under the bar once you place it back on the rack. This way, your leg muscles dont relax fully like with sitting so your body gets a chance to return to normal instead of moving from one extreme to another (max intensity of squats to low intensity like siting). Hold onto the bar above you once you have placed it on the rack so that if you pass out you have something to grab on.

Try these causes and cures to see which one works best for you. Stay Strong!
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Shoaib Akhtar Autobiography Books Controversially Yours

Shoaib Akhtar Has Released His Autobiography Books Controversially Yours, Pakistani quick bowler Shoaib Akhtar has said that Pakistani pacer Wasim Akram influenced his profession and Shahrukh Khan controlled him. quite a few people have felt that now the newborn child repulsive of Pakistan cricket has been hushed until the end of time. Be that as it may, he returns, with a considerable measure more retribution in his most recent "Personal history"

Shoaib Akhtar Autobiography Books Controversially Yours Were he Talked about Indian cricket star and batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

Shoaib Akhtar reported his retirement over the span of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. Be that as it may, he keeps on rocking the bowling alley bouncers, this time by means of his disputable book, properly named "Dubiously Yours".

In his disputable book discharged, the Pakistan quick bowler, otherwise called Rawalpindi Express, touched upon a few issues concerning his own cricket as they influenced world cricket and consequently, has produced a lot of contention as of now.

Amongst the numerous things that are important, Akhtar conceded as much to ball altering and expressed that everybody enjoys ball altering and that he is the same. From numerous points of view, he is resounding the words utilized by Shahid Afridi when he was gotten ball altering, which can just convey further disgrace to Pakistan cricket.

He likewise said that Wasim Akram undermined to make revolt in the group if Shoaib Akhtar was incorporated in the group. He further affirmed that Shoaib Mallik was just made the Pakistan skipper in view of his nearness to the then Pakistan Cricket Board boss, Naseem Ashraf. Akhtar affirms that Akram attempted to annihilate his cricket career."I think players like

Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid werent precisely coordinate victors to begin with, nor did they know the craft of completing the diversion," Shoaib said.

Akhtars book is sure to auction hot the racks not especially in light of the fact that each page might fundamentally contain reality on the grounds that it is from Akhtars viewpoint but since of the sort of contentions he has been a section throughout the years, the greater part of which would have without a doubt been caught from his perspective point. This book will be accessible exceptionally child for Free Download.

Akhtar, who resigned from cricket taking after the 2011 World Cup

didnt timid away to uncover that he messed with the ball saying, "Everybody messes with the ball. I did as such as well. Altering ought to be legitimized."
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NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel in Limited Edition Holiday Shades

Nail Polishes for Holiday Manicures

With invites to fab holiday parties pouring in, our digits are in need of the Midas touch! You need Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Limited-Edition Holiday Shades. Get up to 10-day wear. High-gloss shine. Salon-quality precision brush. Get them now, they are going fast. Order here.

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Where To Submit Your Stock Photos To Get Cash

Where To Submit Your Stock Photos
Now you have a camera,  and you have taken some great pictures. You are all ready to upload
them online, so those picture-hungry webmasters and other business leaders can happily pay to
use your pictures.
Your Stock Photos To Get Cash
It’s time to review some stock photography sites where you can upload your pictures and make them available to photo buyers.You’ll find that different sites accept different types of photos, have different pay scales, etc. This guide is to help you choose ones that are right for your needs.

Dreamstime has a proven track record. It gets thousands of people every day looking to pay for the photos that people like you and I have uploaded there. When you submit your photos, you make a hefty commission on each of your images that are purchased.
Fotolia is an excellent choice. By uploading your files to Fotolia, you are presenting your photos to millions of image buyers around the world, 24/7, 365 days a year. You have the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month. The commission you make is 20% to 63% on each downloaded.

Shutterstock can provide some pretty hefty paycheck once you are approved to upload your photos there. Do not be alarmed or discouraged by the fact that they have an acceptance process.  It’s actually very simple. To be accepted by Shutterstock, you must send in ten photos and have at least seven of them accepted by a review team. Please don’t be intimidated by their approval process. Just check out their guidelines to ensure the best results.

iStockPhoto is one of the largest stock photo sites. Getting your photos on here can earn you a huge long-term payday. They pay 15% - 45% commission on each image downloaded. They also have some excellent resources to help you get started.

Room The Agency
Room The Agency is not only a regular stock photo site, but actually specializes in iPhone stock photos. You should definitely check this one out. You’ll receive a 35% commission on all of your photos that are downloaded here. Room The The sites listed above are the main stock photography sites that most people use to make money uploading their photos. However, new sites are popping up all the time and when they do we’ll add them here to the members’ area

Even More Ways To Maximize Your Earnings
Look at the photos that other people have submitted to get ideas of what’s working best. If you want to make the most money possible, you should look at those who are successful. Most of these sites will allow you to see the photos that are most in demand, the ones that have been downloaded the most, and therefore the ones that have earned the photo uploader (like you) the most amount of money! This information can give you the hints you need to know what to upload for the maximum residual income. The ideal move for anyone who is serious about making money by uploading their digital photos is to submit your photos to any sites you come across. That way you stand to get much more exposure, and it also allows you to test different photos to see which ones people like the most across several different platforms. How can you make sure that your photos make the most amount of money? It’s not a tricky process, and the sooner you start uploading your pictures, the sooner you’ll get the hang of it, and start collecting your picture paychecks. You can really get ahead of the game if you seek out one of the stock photography forums where experts and amateurs alike gather to share tips and tricks that will maximize your income.
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Best Sites For Searching Jobs

There are several jobs search sites in Pakistan which connect people with opportunities. These online jobs websites are the home of job seekers and also hub of the employees. in global world of 21st century, Pakistan has vital importance in world economy and sixth largest consumers market and that is why thousands of companies are looking to hire and recruit staff in Pakistan. The top five websites of Pakistan which act as link between job seekers and companies are mentioned below.
Find job in Pakistan
It is home for thousands of national and multinational companies and also source of job information and description for millions of people across the whole Pakistan. After every, ten minutes, five people upload their resumes on and yet there are fifty thousand resumes have been uploaded on is testimonial of online employment and job linkage between job seeker and company. Five hundred jobs are uploaded to every day and these jobs are browsed by millions of people every day is serving as top website of Pakistan as employment forum and heaven of millions of job is also one of the most trusted website of top five employment websites of the Pakistan. is a Pakistan’s largest employment website which have biggest online catalog of jobs where hundreds of companies are registered and thousands people apply for these jobs every is an Rawalpindi based website and many media organizations and private NGOs prefer this website for job advertisement due to its easy user interface and access to thousands of visitors every day in Pakistan and abroad also serves as renowned job website where opportunities are open for all skilled and talented people. is also one of biggest employment website country which is visited by thousands of unique visitors every day. is famous due to its newsfeed and email sent to job seekers who have subscribed for it every day. is Pakistan’s most user friendly website where 47,500 users are registered and thousands visited the website every day. is also an hub of various skilled jobs which have been browsed by talented people every day in Pakistan and abroad is doing his role to minimize unemployment from country by serving as employment giving website on internet. is used by top companies in the Pakistan to recruit top people of the country and evaluation is based on merit and skills is renowned for its companies friendly service where different NGOs and healthcare sector companies are registered to provide jobs to people of pakistan. also have access to thousands of users on web and social media also. is Islamabad based website which also has its office in Peshawar. also provides technical services and sales services to employees and it is turning his journey towards giving employment from glimpse to glories. is Pakistan newspapers jobs advertisement based website where thousands of jobs posted every day published by top newspapers of country. The jobs in dawn, jang, express, the news, dunya, samaa, and nawaiwaqt are posted on every day. is also an center of online jobs where employees recruited and hire people for their online work. is emerging as country’s largest employment website because those visitors who missed the jobs published by paper visit this website.
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Adfly Tutorial Earn More Money Online With Youtube Facebook And Twitter

 Earn More Money Online With Youtube Facebook And Twitter

1) Go here:

2) Register by clicking "Join NOW"

3) Fill in the required information

4) Choose a link that you want to shorten

5) Put it in the box in the upper middle of the homepage and press "Shrink"

6) Press copy and paste the link somewhere where people will click it

7) IMPORTANT NOTES: The more clicks the more money. You must NOT click on your own links more than once. You earn money when people click on your link

Do not use bots at all, they will never work.. You will get banned if you do try to use them..

If you do not have account can you create an account through the following link

ADF.LY Earn More Money Online with youtube facebook and twitter

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Tips For Getting Freelancer Projects In 2016

It was not much difficult in 2015 and previous years to make on-line money on freelancer weary including desk, freelancer, glance, fiver and other wearies because there was not so much competitor between freelancers to get jobs. usually people posted their proposal and rate of work and employers gave them projects after negotiating details of projects but in 2016 there is so much competitor that people without previous experience feel it very difficult to make money even to find out and get first successful project on freelancer because it is developed as complete industry and there are so many third party contractors that they takes projects on higher rates and give them to others on lower rates without doing nothing by just taking advantage of their experience and negotiating skills so many new people get desperate from freelancing wearies and their freelancing career comes to an end without making advancement in this field. it is not rocket science to make money on freelancing wearies because there is so much work on these subside including fake projects and fraud clients who just post projects and new freelancers do their work but they do not send them payments and then get vanish from freelancer wearies so there few tips about making online money on freelancer wearies in 2016.
Freelancing In 2016

1: You must have to complete your freelancing profile by giving out all the needed details and contact information. You must also have to specify your skills and expertise area in decent manner by telling employers about your freelancing skills.

2: Previous work samples are heart of your freelancing career because every employer will ask you about previous work samples so you must have written quality articles just to include in your proposal because client will look your previous work first and then your proposal so that you always proved to be best option for employers among all other bidders.

3: Writing an best freelancer proposal is always considered as most important thing in getting project on freelancer wearies because there are many people on freelancer wearies which have good skills to do all work but they do not know how to persuade clients that they are the best people whom this project must be given so always try to write an attractive and comprehensive proposal and tell client that you can do this project in best possible manner in short time. It is always important to read out the project description before writing a proposal to get job because you won’t miss anything important regarding the job. it is also advised to use new proposal for every job because nature of project is always different and if you use similar proposal for all jobs then it will run out you from contest of getting job because there are many people who know the art of writing attractive purposely for clients for getting projects on freelancer wearies in 2016 to make some online money.

If always pray that Pakistani freelancers get maximum jobs on freelancers because it not only earn them money but also bring many dollars to foreign reserves of Pakistan so always try your best in getting and doing projects on freelancing wearies by acting upon above mentioned tips and advice.
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Whats new with Avon

Jump-start your holiday shopping with Avon. Enjoy a hassle free holiday.
Preview Avon items that are just in for the holidays.

Click here to order any of the items above
Click here to see other holiday must haves
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7 Tips Optimizing Youtube Channel Page Make More Money From Youtube

This post i will share you 7 tips how to optimize your channel Youtube Page to get more viewers and then will make more money from your Youtube Videos.
Make More Money From Youtube

There are many people when begin to join make money from Youtube think that, they only need to optimize their videos but dont need to do that with your channel. That is very bad and they have failed in their thinking, there are more than half of them have gave up after some weeks.

If you are clear with this post but you would like to find best way to make more money online with Youtube, You can go to

        How To Make Money From Youtube:I Can Make $500/Day With Youtube

        How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Any Videos

        How to get more views to make money from youtube - Off Seo 
On this blog.

7 Basic Tips

1.Make your channel art is very attractive
The channel art is a banner image at the top its important that the channel art tell people a little bit about what the channel is about and what viewers can expect to see. Within the image you can spell out the kind of content(for example: I will write a short description about my channel " Thousands of ways to make money with Social Networks Free" ),the frequency people can expect it, or showcasing the topic.

Its also imporatant because when people hover over your profile picture elsewhere on YouTube, people will see a overview about your channel popup that includes your channel art,so they get a preview of what your channels about, and thats a great way of bringing in new subscribers.

The banner image is key for a number of reasons, including that its your iconography, and really demonstrates your channel. Also by refreshing it regularly give people revisiting your channel the perception that theres more new content.

2.YouTube Profile Icon
The profile picture/channel icon shows up in the top left of your YouTube channel This should look
good both very large and very small. Someone use their logo, but you might also use a persons

3. Create a nice channel description about your channel.
The channel description acts as the meta description and should include a keyword-rich description.
Its important to write descriptions that allow users to find your channel through search engines. When writing this meta, its probably going to be a mix of broad genre keywords like "health"vmixed with specific keywords such as "Lost weight". You try to use long-tail keywords in this session

4.Include keyword in the tags.
Each section of the profile offers a chance to work important keywords into the profile.

5.Customize your channel URL
When you have a custom URL, you can give people a short, easy-to-remember web address to find your YouTube channel (for example: You try to put your main keywork in your URL.

6.About Tab
lets you add a channel description (maximum length of 1000 characters), set your channel country,
enter a business contact email address, and define social or other web links.

Links that you add here are featured just below your description and use the icon from the
corresponding social network when displayed.
You can overlay up to five of these links on your channel art as shortcut icons, or favicons. Additional custom links may be entered but will only appear below your description. You are able to customize the name of the link (how it appears on your channel) when entering your links.

7.Use YouTube Playlists
When people do a search and watch your video first, then watch a lot more content, that reflects
well on your video One thing that playlists do, if engaging, is continue to autoplay for the user.

When theyve watched multiple videos, it leads to an overall longer session watch time that began
with your video. Thats how playlists help drive watch time in general. You can utilize playlists
in multiple ways that will help drive that watch time. The number one way is to use your full playlist URL whenever linking to one of your videos
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Online Jobs for Students In Pakistan At Home

Students in Pakistan and other countries are fond of online jobs because they want to earn money at home. The main reason for using the internet could either be some help required by students intheir studies or getting touch with friends through the social networking websites. However, internet can help students make some handsome amount of money as much as PKR 50,000 per month.This would probably be the best use of internet and they can do certain online jobs from home.
Jobs for Students
"Do you know that Millions of people from all over Country are earning from the internet through Part Time Jobs? Why cant you stand among them? "Are you looking for part-time or full-time work on the internet? Do you want to work from home /office/cyber cafe in your spare time? Are you ready to spare 2 to 4 hours daily for earning?

Best Online Opportunities for Students

1) Data Entry
2) Article Writing Jobs
3) Make Money by Facebook

Dont Miss that Golden business Opportunity of having a Part-time Income source: Today people are more interested in searching jobs & income opportunity on internet rather than referring any newspaper due to effectiveness of internet in finding online jobs. After doing this theycan get huge database of companies, instant business details, online support, online payment options & many more Online Jobs for Students In Pakistan At Home. Become Successful because it is your turn now!!
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Development Of Press In Pakistan

Development Of Press In Pakistan
The development of the institution of press in Pakistan as a whole is unprecedented. Despite difficult problems the press has developed a great deal in the following directions:
1. Number of newspapers
At the time of partition the total number of Muslim newspapers and periodicals in the areas forming Pakistan did not exceed 200. Now there are about 1500 newspapers and journals.
2. Increase in circulation
Before independence the average circulation of a daily newspaper was three to four thousand. Now the established newspapers have circulations ranging between hundred fifty thousand and two hundred thousand. Even the less established newspapers have a circulation of about 25000 copies. 3. The pages and the contents of the newspapers and periodicals have substantially increased. 4. All newspapers publish special editions almost every day. They also publish special Friday magazines. 5. The make-up techniques have totally changed. With the arrival of computer in major newspapers a revolution has taken place in the entire production process.
6. Many newspapers and journals have commercially consolidated their position.
7. The volume of advertisements has increased manifold.
8. Regional press has also developed a great deal.
9. A new kind of journalism has emerged in the form of digest journalism, agricultural journalism, medical journalism, etc. All major organizations publish house journals.
10. Major publishing houses are now running chain newspapers. They are publishing editions from several centres simultaneously. Dawn, the Pakistan Times, Nation, Frontier Post, Jang, Nawa-i-Waqt and Mashriq are appearing from more than one centre.
11. Urdu press has achieved phenomenal progress.
12. The salary structure of working journalists has improved to a great extent. Their working conditions are also far better now.
13. Urdu newspapers have switched over to the electronic system. The production techniques have also changed. Before 1947 the readership of the Urdu press was limited. Now the newspapers cater to the tastes of al classes of people.They reflect the wishes and aspirations of the people in general. Special pages for women, children, sports, artists and youth are published almost every day which has given impetus to social change. Unlike the past, the press does not serve the elite only. Talented persons from all walks of life find representation in the newspapers. The new spirit of journalism aims at all-round progress of society. One major change is visible in our newspapers. Generally they can survive without politics as they have survived lengthy martial law regimes. The extensive coverage provided by newspapers to peoples activities in all segments of society reflects the expanding role of media in our country. Radio and T.V. networks are also expanding rapidly. Simultaneous expansion in public relations and advertising is complementary to the growth of the press. There is unusual stress on national consciousness. The problems of the people are consistently highlighted.
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Steam Rooms The Good The Bad and The truth

There are benefits to steaming, but there are also risks and potential health implications that could hinder your bodybuilding progress. We look at the balance between keeping your steaming habits healthy and avoiding the potential health dangers.

The Good

Steams rooms are very popular and have shown to increase health. Here are a few reasons why:

Sweating: Toxin Release

Sweating is great for you. Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself off, but the body also uses its sweat glands to release toxins that are accumulated from foods, liquids, impurities in the air etc. You can sweat up to 30% of these toxins that would otherwise be excreted through urination and defecation. By sweating more, your kidneys and liver have less of a burden to carry regarding toxin release and can therefore spend more time and energy on their other bodily functions. These other bodily functions include hormone control, converting and utilising other chemicals and agents throughout the body, protein synthesis, conversion of carbohydrates, sugars and fats into energy and stress and sleep regulation. Sweating also releases sodium out of the body, decreasing overall sodium levels which help lower overall blood pressure levels.

Beauty: Better Looking Skin

Using the steam room actually makes you more attractive. People who use the steam room (or sauna) have a particular radiance for around an hour after their sessions, and using steam rooms regularly improve skin health and appearance over the long-term. Using the steam room is also beneficial for people with oily skin because the heat opens up the skin’s pores and allows the extra oils to be released, which will be washed away in the shower afterwards. This leads to cleaner pores with less supressed oils underneath the skin. The steam room is also beneficial to people with dry skin because the opening of the skin’s pores allows oils and lipids to hydrate the skin. Additionally, the steam adds moisture to the skin which provides short-term relief from the constant dryness that people with dry skin suffer.

Cardio-Like Health Benefits

Sitting in the steam room has similar effects and benefits of a cardiovascular workout. Steaming causes the body to heat up more than normal. This causes an increased heart rate and also opens up the airways. This improves both heart and lung health as they are stimulated to work harder for these short periods of time as a response to the heat. By working harder, they adapt by getting stronger and increasing their overall capacity, the same way as cardio makes them stronger.

Increased Blood Circulation

The heat acts as a vasodilator. This means that the veins and arteries widen because of the heat, allowing more blood to flow through the body and its limbs, muscles, organs, skin, brain etc. The increased heart rate also plays a significant role in increasing blood circulation as the body tries to pump more blood into the extremities (legs and arms, feet and hands) and away from the core in an effort to cool the body down.  This is why your legs and arms go red in the heat. They go pale when the body is cold as the body tries to draw blood (and the heat the blood carries, which is vital for bodily functions) away from the extremities back into the core as a survival mechanism. The increased blood circulation induced from using a steam room has many benefits because the body is more able to carry precious nutrients (like oxygen, water, proteins, energy, minerals, etc.) throughout the body to wherever it is needed. It can also carry away waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide a lot faster. This speeds up the healing and recovery of wounds, muscles and sickness.

Opening Up of Pores and Veins

As discussed earlier, using the steam room opens up the body on many levels, from opening pores on the skin which release oils and toxins, to opening veins and arteries to encourage better nutrient delivery and usage to opening up the lungs and nasal passages to loosen and remove phlegm. Heat and steam is a great way for the body to open up passages that can sometimes get too blocked.

Improved Immune System

Your core body temperature increases in the steam room. Many germs and viruses cannot survive the one or two degree increase in body temperature and therefore die off. Because of increase blood circulation, the body’s immune system is also stronger and more adept at killing of bodily invaders, the few that do survive the temperature increase.

Destress and Relaxation

Steaming has a relaxing and de-stressing effect. This is a great way to take a break from the mental stress from work and the physical stress from working out, which can turn out to be quite refreshing for both body and mind. This de-stressing effects help with other ailments that often arise because of stress and the relaxing effects can speed up general recovery and add to general happiness.

Cleansing, Detoxification and Release of Hormones

Steam rooms help the body to clean itself from the inside out. Not only does sweating release toxins; but the increased blood circulation, relaxation effects and increased ability for the kidney and liver organs to perform other functions allows the body to metabolise and deal with hormones like cortisol (the body’s stress hormone), flush out lactic acid build up from physical exertion and get rid acids from foods.

The Bad

As healthy as they can be, steam rooms can be dangerous too. Using the steam room can sometimes even counteract the anabolic effects of weight training and slow the body’s ability to recover from exercise. Over-steaming can harm the body and reduce immune function, recovery rate, and normal function. Here are a few reasons why:


Sweating is great for you, but too much sweating can actually harm your health.  One of the most common reasons (and most preventable) is water. When you sweat, your body loses a lot of water. Dehydration can happen very quickly and can lead to weakness, failure of normal functioning, feinting, hallucinations, death and even worse… decreased muscle mass! It is therefore important to make sure that you drink plenty of fluids whilst using the steam room and don’t stay in for too long. Too much of anything can quickly turn into a bad thing.

Elevated Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

As discussed earlier, using the steam room elevates your heart rate and increases blood pressure temporarily. As much as this can be a beneficial and often a desired effect, it can be dangerous too. For example, people with very high blood pressure or who are at risk for heart attacks or strokes should not use the steam room because this temporary increase might push their heart rates or blood pressure past safe levels. For healthy individuals who don’t have heart or blood pressure problems, this isn’t a risk as long as they don’t stay in for too long.


Staying in the heat for too long can push your body past safe levels of stimulation to dangerous levels that can even lead to death. It is important to make sure that you get out as soon as you start feeling dizzy or start feeling uncomfortable. However, heat is not dangerous when used in moderation. Increased blood circulation from the heat will also lead to greater blood loss from open wounds, which is why people with open wounds should not use the steam room, for both their and others’ health and safety.

Minerals and Electrolytes

When you sweat, you lose salts, minerals and electrolytes that your body needs to function properly. If these minerals are not replaced (or if too much is lost in a short period of time) your body can suffer from mineral or electrolyte deficiencies, which can lead to a variety of negative health effects. TO READ MORE ABOUT MINERALS AND ELECTROLYTES AND THEIR ROLES, SOURCES AND DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS, CLICK HERE.

Germs, Viruses and Fungi

Although the increased body temperature kills many common germs within the body, public steam rooms can also be viable breeding grounds for other pathogens which thrive in hot, humid environments. Since many people use these steam rooms daily, it is easy for these pathogens to transmit from one person to the other through the floors, seats, walls and taps. One example of a fungus that is very often transmitted through steam rooms is athlete’s foot. Make sure that the steam room you use is cleaned regularly, that you wear sandals in the steam room and that your skin does not touch surfaces. You can do this by wearing a towel around your waist.


If the same water is used over and over in the steam rooms, high levels of chlorine can evaporate into the air, which is then inhaled and can cause toxicity in humans. It is always safe to ask gym staff how often the steam room water is replaced with fresh water.

Rest and Recovery (Too Much Stimuli)

Just like exercise places a stress on the body, steam rooms also place stress on the body to cope with heat and then bring the body back to a normal temperature afterwards. Using the steam room too much (especially in conjunction with too much training) to place too much stimulus on the body to deal with more stress than it can handle.

Drug Interactions

Using steams rooms with medicines, illegal substances and alcohol can be dangerous. Drug rehabs often use steam rooms to help recovering drug and alcohol addicts detoxify from drugs and substances, but using the steam room whilst under the influence of alcohol, for example, can be dangerous because alcohol dehydrates the body and further dehydration from steaming could drain the body of more fluid than it can cope with. Whenever on medication, make sure that you consult with your doctor before using a steam room to make sure that the medicine you are using won’t have any adverse effects from the steaming. Some substances, for example, are rendered mute (don’t so what they are supposed to) or have counteractive effects because of steaming.

The Truth

Should You Steam?

It is totally up to you, but steaming from time to time will be beneficial to your health and can actually help you to achieve your goals as it can keep your body detoxed, destressed and running optimally. It can complement muscle building, fat loss and fitness pursuits (by speeding up recovery).

How Often Should You Steam?

It is considered optimal to steam 2-3 times a week. Steaming more often could drain your body of too many essential minerals and electrolytes.

How Long Should You Steam?

Do not steam for longer than 20 minutes, depending on the heat of the steam room. It is not about building up tolerance and resistance to steam rooms like exercise. It is about increasing body temperature to the point where your body sweats. Longer steaming times can place a greater stress and nutrient loss on the body, instead of a stress and toxin release. When starting out, steam for 5 minutes only, then cool off and then another 5 minutes for your body to get used to it, then build up to one 20-minute session only.

Can You Steam After a Workout?

This has been a topic of debate for a long time. Some argue that steaming after a workout is a great way to relax the muscles and body after physical exertion and makes for a great ‘cool-down’ session, flushing out lactic acid, increasing blood blow and nutrient delivery where it is needed. Others argue that physical exercise already increases body temperature and steaming after a workout prolongs recovery and keeps the body out of its anabolic state after exercise because it takes longer to cool down than it would from exercise alone. Try both and see what works best for you.

At What Other Times can you Steam?

 Steaming on rest days is a great way to relax and increase blood flow to help with rest and recovery (and is also a great excuse to get into the gym when that’s the only place you want to be on rest days). Some say that steaming before a workout gets the blood flowing and is a great ‘warm-up’ before exercise.

Make Sure to Shower Before and After Using the Steam Room

This is very important. This cleans away all the extra dirt that might clog your pores before steaming, and washes off the toxins released after steaming. By showering before and after using the steam room, the risk of germ and fungus transference from one person to another is also reduced.

Replacing Lost Nutrients

Don’t steam too often. Eat enough healthy, balanced foods every day. Many people drink a mineral and electrolyte replacement after steam sessions.
It’s up to you to choose what works best for you. If you enjoy steaming, have fun! If you don’t, it’s ok if you don’t want to steam. STAY STRONG!

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      Herpes and E Coli Found in Beauty Testers

      Ladies, beware next time you go to the beauty counter!  Sharing makeup– even with your closest friends– isnt the wisest idea to begin with, never mind an entire mall. Which is why we werent surprised that makeup testers at beauty stores were found to be virtual germ incubators– think herpes, pink eye, and E. coli. The L.A. Times reported that those were just some of the serious infections found nesting in communal makeup brushes.

      Dr. Zein Obagi, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist, explains to the paper, "If a woman has a cut on her lip and borrows lipstick from someone who has a cold sore, shell get a cold sore. You can pass herpes [the cold sore virus], conjunctivitis [pink eye] and all sorts of things through sharing makeup."

      While this may be an extreme case, the amount of bacteria one is susceptible to when sampling makeup is astounding. The article cites a two-year study from Rowan University on public makeup testers. Conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Brooks, the study found that on an average Saturday, 100 percent of the makeup at cosmetic counters was tainted with staph, strep, and E. coli bacteria. (Just a friendly reminder, but E. coli is normally associated with feces).

      Now that we’ve completely grossed you out, there are some solutions (if avoiding makeup testers proves to be too difficult for you). Instead of makeup brushes, Brooks suggests using disposable applicators, which most counters carry. As for the actual makeup, Brooks insists, “clean the surface of the makeup tester with a tissue or a tissue dipped in alcohol before applying makeup.” While these solutions may reduce the chance of infection, the safest way to stay healthy is to avoid communal testers completely.

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      Good Gym Days And Bad Gym Days

      Had A Bad Day At The Gym?

      Today’s workout session was a failure. It was a terrible day at the gym; you couldn’t do the weight or the reps that you could last time. Is something wrong? And how can you stop this from happening again?

      Above is an illustration that shows the typical pattern of growth. This kind of pattern can be seen in economics, price markets, relationships, business revenues, learning capabilities, physical improvements, population growth etc. For example, a business that is growing in sales rapidly will not necessarily have a better sales day than the previous one every single day. Some days will be slower than others, even though sales are generally increasing in the long run. Your body works in the same way.

      Lets get back to Gym.

      We have all had those days, and the good news is that it is completely normal.  They say that 80% of your workouts will be the standard, clock-in clock-out routine kind of workout; 10% of your workouts will be one of those amazing, ‘wow factor’ days where you feel like you’ve made a lot of progress in just one session and the remaining 10% of the time you will have a workout that seems to be more of a flop than anything else. If you experience a bad workout once in a while, then you have nothing to worry about. It is a part of training and just like anything else in life, your body works in a cyclical pattern, moving in a certain direction with bumps and turns along the way.
      Why do we get these bad days?
      There are a variety of reasons that could contribute to the difference between a good workout, a great one and a bad one. For example, these factors could include sleep, stress, mental focus, social distractions, diet (short term or long term), starting a new workout program, using the same program for too long, over training, low blood sugar levels, the kind of music that was playing, dreams you had the last time you were sleeping, mood, arousal, and hormone cycles.
      Think about it this way, in two years from now, will the fact that you had a bad day at the gym make a difference? Not really. But what will matter is the fact that you worked through it and didn’t give up.

      I’m having these days increasingly often, what could be the issue?

      If you are having these days increasingly often, then there could be a determining factor that you need to take care of. Below of a list of the most probable causes, in order from most probable to least:

      Over Training

      The most common cause of decreased physical performance is, ironically, too much physical performance. Are you putting so much strain on your body that it is starting to break down? It is beneficial to take a rest day at least once a week, and have an entire week of rest once every 8-10 weeks so that your body can recover and adapt fully. Additionally, working a certain muscle group too often for it to recover between sessions will hinder muscle growth and strength.

      Under Training

      You could be training at an intensity that does not stimulate your muscles enough to spur on growth and adaption. Aside from that, you could be working a certain muscle group too long after it has recovered, so that it adapts and then decreases in size and strength because it does not feel the need to stay at a certain size anymore. The body is made for optimal survival, and it will decrease muscle size if it does not feel the need to keep them because muscle costs the body a lot in energy and nutrient resources to grow and maintain. Try to find a good balance between training enough, but not too much.


      Diet is also one of the most common reasons for decreased performance or slowed transformation. If your body does not have the building blocks it needs, it will be unable to change. Besides building blocks, it also needs fuel for energy as well. Make sure that your macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) are right for your physical output and goals. Additionally make sure that you getting the right micronutrients (minerals, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.) to keep the body in a healthy equilibrium.

      Same Program

      If you have been using the same workout routine for too long, your body will start to adapt and plateau. It is considered optimal to change your program every 3-6 months for the best results. Changes can include exercises done, exercise order, workout split, rep range, intensity, duration, etc.


      Most muscle growth happens during sleep. Sleep is the body’s time to grow and recover without interference. If you are not getting enough sleep, then your body does not have the time to change and might break down muscle to fuel its other needs like mental well-being, which it will prioritise over physical transformation.


      Studies have shown that listening to the right music has a direct effect on the amount of reps that a person can do. Additionally, men are able to lift more weights when attractive females re around them. This shows how much being in the right mental state can affect your workout.


      Exercise is good for stress and those who exercise are better able to cope with stress, but mental stress can have an impact on the body in a negative way, in-turn impacting the body’s ability to lift weight or exercise. Try to make sure that you outside-the-gym life is not stealing from your inside-the-gym life.

      Too Much Junk

      Expanding on the point above, there could be junk in your life that is hindering you from achieving your goals. These things can include smoking, drinking, late nights, eating habits and other distractions.

      Sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Be proud of the fact that you at least went in and had the perseverance to finish the workout regardless of how you performed. We have all had bad days, but what really matters is whether you stand up and get back to it. STAY STRONG!
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      Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

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      Directory submissions (manual or automated)
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      Is there any other links I should be sending to my web 2.0 sites?
      Then web 2.0 would make up just 1 part of my money site link building strategy. I would combine this with directory submissions, guest blogging, social bookmarking, forum posts. Ive also been looking into .edu profile. What i gather is you make a profile on a .edu site. Put a link to your money site in there. Is that it?

      1. For web 2.0 and bookmark sites there are many smart software available out there which can help you automatize the whole process and you save time and man power both. I personally prefer to use seo tools why so because except a few things they just work normal and if you use them properly provides many time decent results too.

      2. Yes Tier 2 links are required which must be linking to tier1 but i will recommend you stay away with any scrapbox comment blast / profile links at tier2 instead if you want to use it then use it on tier3 one more level back from your money site to make more safety.

      3. EDU Profile links i do see lots people say take edu link they are authority blah blah... I personally to believe in taking edu authority links but contextual links such as edu wiki site link or edu blogs of WPMU or similar many edu sites permit you to signup and create your own blog

      4. Directory submission - Most are deindexed already by google or they are still working on deindexing more these were actually cheap directories full of spam so google may be having no choice other than doing them out of the index.... Anyways if you can check DA - Domain Authority 40+ Google having 3000+ indexed and PR of homepage atleast 1 or 2 + that web directory may be can help you still... Nobody deny you for this i believe but if you go ahead and use a software to do directory submission may be you cause problem for yourself by having your links placed on high amount of deindexed domains.
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