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50 ways to use PLR Works

How to use PLR articles is big question and answer comes in lot of ways.So today I will answer This question in My today post "50 ways to use PLR Works".

1. Post it to your website or personal blog
2. Create an automated blog that auto-posts a mix of PLR content and
scraped content. Check out: AutoBlogged and PLR to Wordpress
3. Rewrite the content yourself or hire a rewriter to repurpose and reuse
the content
4. Create a FAQ, Q&A, or informational “how-to” page based on the material
5. Split eBooks or long articles into several smaller articles and blog posts
6. Translate the content into other languages to capture international visitors
7. Critique the content or write your own commentary by playing the
devil’s advocate
8. Spin an article into a “10 Best” list
9. Tweak the content so it’s relevant to current events or celebrity stories
10. Use the material as a promotional tool for your affiliates. If it’s a PDF, then
use Viral PDF to allow affiliates to custom brand their affiliate link in the PDF.
Learn more about creating freebies for affiliates with Sales Army Secrets
11. Respond to “Yahoo! Answers” questions and discussions using the materials
12. Answer questions on discussion forums using the content as a basis

13. Take your knowledge to a local talk radio show
14. Start new “feeder” websites and blogs dedicated to specific niches and
affiliate products that link back to your “money” pages.
15. Use the material to create Adsense sites
16. Use the content to promote an eBay store
17. Rewrite to create Squidoo Lenses
18. Create a HubPage
19. Rewrite and post on a or blog
20. Compile the information as a report with your affiliate links embedded
in the PDF. Submit to Scribd
21. Transform generic niche articles into a different niche by swapping the
essential keywords and tweaking the materials
22. Create a discussion forum where you post new content to be discussed
every day
23. Snip the content and post the short blurbs on Twitter
24. Rewrite the material as a press release
25. Write a manifesto to spread your ideas and name all over the ‘net
26. Create a “what to look for...” buyer’s guide to help people make buying
27. Rewrite the content from the perspective of your child, dog, parrot, or
mother – if it’s funny enough, it may go viral!

Loyalty Building
28. Send snippets of content as an email tip to encourage customers to return to
your website
29. Give away a “free report” to boost the size of your mailing list. Learn more
about starting a Small Reports Business with Small Reports Fortune
30. Use the content to address any objections you’ve faced when selling your
products or services
31. Use the content as a free giveaway for your long-time customers
32. Use the material as an unannounced bonus for buying your products
33. Host a “town hall” meeting or teleseminar and use the materials to facilitate
the discussion
34. Add recent stats, figures, charts, or graphs to the content to boost authority
35. Create a Wiki to encourage your visitors to collaborate and contribute to
your vision. Use a free service like WetPaint
36. Develop a social networking site discussing topics relevant to your niche.
Use software like BuddyPress or Ning
37. Build a Facebook page, separate from your profile, that uses the materials.
You will be able to interact with your customers on a whole new level
38. Use the content in your in-person workshops and seminars
39. Use the content as a topic of conversation for coaching calls
40. Send out a printed newsletter to your clients using the materials
41. Print out the professionally designed materials and include it when you ship
physical products as a bonus

42. Create viral quizzes with the content to test your audience’s knowledge
43. Create a role-playing activity at a workshop
44. Custom brand the PLR desktop wallpapers and give them away to your
clients so your logo will be on their computer at all times
45. Use the material as a gift for long-time clients
46. Make attractive promotional bookmarks to surprise buyers with purchase of
your physical products and books
47. Create a business card tip sheet with your contact information on one side
48. Tweak an article and submit it on another blog as a guest post
49. Re-write the article and submit it to newspapers or magazines

50. Add the content to a membership site

I Hope you like this post and Use this method for Making some profits with PLR

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