Rabu, 23 Maret 2016

Analysis Checklist of Web sites Components of Blogs

Checklist for the analysis of Web sites
1- How navigable is the site?
2- How readable is the information on the site?
3- Is the site aesthetically pleasing?
4- How informative is the site?
5- How long does it take to get the page loaded onto the screen?
6- How does it look on the different browsers and different resolutions?
7- How does it come with Daily Updates and Breaking News?
8- Does it provide any system to enable readers to alert to mistakes and hold us accountable?
9- Does it provide the facility of Feed back?
Components of Blogs:
1- Subject or Header:
2- Content or Body:
3- Comments:
4- Time and Date Stamp:
5- Community:
6- Blogroll:
7- RSS feeds:
8- An archive feature for older articles.
9- Blogs also focus on a particular topic such as a corporate vision, politics, religion, sports, or health.

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