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Earn Money Playing Game

Earn Money Playing Game

Everyone likes playing games; it may be children or it may be grownups. The happiness we get while playing a game is so immense that many people become addicted to that. There are some people who don’t get up from their computer seat until they reach the final stage of the game or win against the opponent.

Initially we used to play video games at home attached to a television. As the days gone by there came the basic games on computer, later we have seen X-box to give the user the feeling that we are actually in the middle of war than just to say we are playing a game.

Apart from the excitement and fun while playing, how nice if we can earn money just for playing games online. Yes this is possible now because of the tremendous competition between the game sites.

Playing free games give you a thrill while playing the free games for money give you an extra thrill.

You can earn money by showing your skills or sometimes you may get a Jackpot by mere luck. You may be paid depending upon the game levels you reach. You may be awarded Cash bonuses, prizes, Jackpots, gift cards and articles. Sometimes games sites also gift you with virtual currencies which can be later en-cashed when they reach the maximum threshold.

If you have a doubt how are the game sites able to pay; that will be a good question. At the time of loading the game or in the middle of the game, you will be shown short advertisements which long for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. For every ad the Advertisers are ready to pay to the game sites. Apart from this there are a lot of ways the game sites gets their revenues.

The different ways to earn money through this type of business opportunity are:

1. Paid for Playing Games:
You may need to play single player games; that is competing with one on one or multiplayer games where you need to stand as the single winner defeating all the others in the group. For example it is a shooting game and you need to clear all the enemies on the other side. You need to save yourself by picking the health and bonus at the same time see that the enemy does not collect any health and bonus points.

The paid for playing games may be as simply as the games what we see and play every day. Arcade games, card games, sports games, strategy and word games are some of them.

2. Testing New Games :
Some Game sites pay you for testing their new game and reporting all the technical problems it has while loading or while playing. Many times it happens the game sites release new versions of an existing game which also needs to be tested.

They are like to pay more for testing of games which they are new into and their competitors already have a successful version.

3. Maintain a Games Blog:
If you are a really super fan of playing games you might have got good amount of expertise in this field. You can make use of the above knowledge to make a free blog and advise people the strategies to win and short cuts of different games.

This will be a real hit as there are many gamers looking everywhere over the internet looking for clues on how to reach the final level of the games.

4. Reviews for Games:
You can write reviews for different game sites for their top games. Games sites are ready to pay for the reviews as their popularity will definitely increase over the internet. A good review of a game will fetch more visitors to that game site because of the user friendly review by a player rather than an outside person who does not know about games.

Some of the websites which are reliable and actually paying for playing games online are:
1. You will be paid for playing cards, bingo and casino, word and puzzle. You need to check for the cash competition tab where you have offers. Also it will be written in different categories how much you will earn for playing each game.
It not only pays for playing games online but also for taking surveys, completing small tasks and even for searching online. Currently limited to US and UK only, gift cards for Amazon, Wal-Mart and target.
It has a special category for cash games where you will be paid for playing games like wheel of fortune, Bejeweled 2, Solitaire Rush and much more.

The above opportunities are some of the ways you can earn money by playing games. You can explore and find some more ways.


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