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Make money with empowr Step 4


There are 04 types of contents that you can make money with empowr:
- Photo: you can copy from internet or from your own photo (recommended). You will earn more if you have a smart phone and use empowr app (will be available soon on both iOS and Android) to share photo.

- Video: you can copy video URL from YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion to share on your status box.
you should set to view posts from all friends, fans to help them all, and share contents to all friends & fans

- Blog post: you can copy from internet and leave credit to the owner at the end of the post.

- Status feed: you can share your emotion, your event, or something interesting like a funny quotes....
you should set to view posts from all friends, fans to help them all, and share contents to all friends & fans
You will earn posting earning if other people view your contents via their Home Page or they view your contents from your Unread Stories page (click here for more detail about home page & unread stories page).
Some one think they can earn when other people like or comment... on their post. Its not really true.
Sharing activities (like, comment, report) does not generate income directly. It helps your contents spread out to other people home page, if your contents get more view, you earn again.

Note: you are not allowed to share the contents that against the copyright, promote alcohol, weapon, nutidy,.... in the simple words: If you feel its not right, dont share it!

How to maximize your earning from posting contents:

- Optimize your account and make sure all your gauges at dark green zone (see why and how here).
- Share fresh/quality/interesting & helpful contents. People willing to enjoy your contents and help you share it.
- Share your contents while almost your fans and friends are online, so you can increase your views, or simple share it throughout the day.
- Develop the quality relationship with high Power User level (you can earn more when higher level helps you) and many other people as you can. Help them earn first, then they will help you earn sooner.
- Develop your large and quality fanbase to get more views to earn more.
- You should make money from all contents so you will know whats the most profitable way then focus almost your time on that.
( please review step 2 & 3 for deeper understanding)

Need more motivation? See some empowr payment proof here.

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