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www soberpk com Introduction by Pakistani A Muslim Sober Society Introduction by Pakistani Scientific Organization of Basic and Elementary Research Founded by Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik in Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Pakistan Scientific Organization of Basic and Elementary Research SOBER consist of those who think and struggle for themselves and their people. SOBER is a dream. Anyone that have new idea and is ready to realize this dream is part of SOBER.

2011 by Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik
Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Pakistan
Scientific Organization of Basic and Elementary Research
SOBER consist of those who think and struggle for themselves and their people. SOBER is a dream. Anyone that have new idea and is ready to realize this dream is part of SOBER.
Promoting study and research culture in the Muslims by gathering them on a platform to develop the Muslim society through researching new
technologies in every field.
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Find Jobs From Newspapers in Pakistan

It is not difficult to find jobs from newspapers in Pakistan you just have to read the newspapers and find the job advertisement page of newspapers to find latest jobs. If you have no newspaper in your hand then you will have to find jobs by navigating to the websites of newspapers, read the job advertisement page of newspaper, and get your required position. It is difficult to do because you will have to browse lot of e-newspapers but if you want to find jobs by visiting websites, which have information about all jobs, and it will let you to easily find your desired career. There are many popular websites in Pakistan, which have information about all jobs and they are updated on daily basis.
Jobs Newspapers
You want to find job of electrician in Saudi Arabia then you have no need to find this job in all newspapers. You just have website and enter your required job description in search preference of website; they will take you to links of all jobs published in newspapers, which are for electrician in Saudi Arabia. It is very easy method to access   all daily updated jobs in newspapers by visiting only It is declared as number one website of Pakistan by feedback of website viewers.
It is not difficult to get hired because you have no only single site because there are many websites on internet, which have thousands of job advertisements published in newspapers of Pakistan. Seekers must use internet as effective medium you have no need to buy newspapers from sellers and spend money. You can also visit, which are online newspapers job advertisement website visited by thousands of people every day to find information about all career. You will have to pay no money to this website but you will just have to spend your little time to find jobs published in newspapers. This website is unique in sense that it has categorized newspaper jobs, which help visitor to find their required jobs with ease, and in short period.
is Pakistan’s first ever website, which have included jobs, published in every newspapers of Pakistan in their database updated on daily basis. provide you list of daily job advertisement published in newspapers of Pakistan on their home page and you can navigate to your desired newspaper of required date to find job you are looking for. It is Karachi based website, which is giving job advertisements published in newspapers on their website on daily basis.

You will not find it difficult to get hired because with the use of internet and computer, you are just one-step away from your desired job published in newspaper. You have not to browse many newspapers but you have just to open one website to find job from newspaper. Your employment is just little away from you now in age of modern technology and internet era of 21stcentury.
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Payoneer is Not Useful With PayPal in Pakistan

In Pakistan , All the bloggers were using payoneer master card to send and receive money by PayPal on internet  because PayPal is not supported in Pakistan and people order Payoneer Master Card and then connect their card with PayPal to avail its  services in Pakistan because PayPal is world number one online payment processor. PayPal was monitoring all the activities and IP Addresses of all the computers which were sending and receiving money in Pakistan through Payoneer Master Card in all unsupported countries. Firstly PayPal  implement limitations on all the accounts which were using proxy servers to make PayPal foul but afterwards PayPal removed all the accounts which were connected with Payoneer Master Card because according to PayPal only people having Payoneer Master Card were able to avail services of PayPal by sitting in unsupported countries which was against the policy of PayPal.

Alternative of PayPal
It is quite interesting to know that there is no way in Pakistan to send and receive money from PayPal by sitting in Pakistan due to strict monitoring laws of government of Pakistan and United states of America to counter terrorism.
withdraw money

You can send and receive money by connecting your Bank account with Payza former Alertpay because many companies and websites on internet give option of Payza to receive money on is also very popular and secure online money processor on internet and thousands of people in Pakistan send and receive money on internet by Payza because it is legitimate and easy to use in Pakistan. You can request all your money in Payza account to your local bank account without any rocket science by just following simple steps.

You can also send and receive money on internet form Pakistan by skrill because it is also very famous online money processor because thousands of Pakistanis working with can receive their funds through skrill into their local bank account by international wire transfer. It is very costly and expensive to receive money through skrill due to huge fee deductions but it is secure and legitimate way to send and receive money on internet

I will strongly prefer to not use Payoneer MasterCard anymore for PayPal only because PayPal is squeezing all the funds in accounts connected with Payoneer Master Card known as US Payment Service. You can shop online with Payoneer Master Card on internet and buy things and also receive funds into US Account number of Bank of America provided by Payoneer. You can receive your odesk money directly into your Payoneer Account and then withdraw at local Master Card ATM’s in is complete scenario which is very alarming for bloggers in Pakistan because without Access to PayPal it is very difficult on internet to make money online because you can with draw your ten cents through PayPal but cannot through any other online payment processor but hopeful that situation will change soon and circumstances will be once again favorable for Pakistani Bloggers.
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Jumat, 29 April 2016

Happy Raturday!


"Are you eyeing my treat?"


"I am so darn cute, I cant contain it." 


"Yes, this is how I sleep. Deal with it."

*Fang and Patches*

"Its nice to have a buddy to cuddle with"

This week I posted pictures of my own past rats. 

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5 Beauty Tips Every Woman of Color Should Know

Latest In Makeup

 Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty ...

Sam Fine Shares 5 Beauty Tips Every Woman of Color Should Know, Plus His Favorite Drugstore Products

Women with medium to darker complexions know that makeup can often present challenges that cosmetic brands and beauty stories dont always address. Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine reveals his top five beauty tips for women of color. Read More »

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Hot Pink w Zebra stripes Nail Tutorial

This is the first of a series of nail tutorials I will be sharing with you. I will be posting a new one daily. Tomorrows tutorial is "Tiger Stripes" but I think it will look great for Halloween. Below you will find the Avon nail products needed to achieve this look at a reasonable price.  Click on the link below to order them. Leave a comment and let me know what other designs you would like to see.

                                                    Click on video to view on You Tube. 
Avon Nailwear Pro-Viva Pink

Avon Nailwear Pro-French Tip White

                                                        Avon Matte-Black as Night
                                                 Click here to order Avon nail polish.
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need help while make money on empowr

If you need help while make money on empowr, you can contact to your Success Coach. You can ask question about empowr at any time you want and will get response within 24h.

I became official success coach in June-2013
This link will lead you directly to your coach:

Some importance note: 
- Communication between coach & client is not a instantly chat! You will get response within 24h.
- You only should ask question about empowr. Your coach cant know every thing.
- To be success, you need to work hard, co-operate and trust in your coach and follow his/her advice.

If you do not want a Coach? Its absolutely fine!You can go from here and visit my blog usually to get updates. Good luck!
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Get the twist of the season

Have you ever wished you could wake up and pull your hair back and go but still look like it took you half the morning to get ready. With Tonis Twist and Fix and Avon you can. Watch the video below and order yours today. Order Here.
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Rabu, 27 April 2016

Celebrity News!


Check out the trailer for Justin Bieber’s upcoming 3D movie, Never Say Never.
The movie opens February 11, 2011 and features his Madison Square Garden concert, home movies, and much more.
Justin has also has signed a deal with Etoile Nation Beauty to create wristbands and dog tags infused with a scent called My World – also the title of his debut album.
Bieber says he’s been heavily involved in choosing the ingredients for the fragrance. He tells Women’s Wear Daily, “They actually brought me a bunch of stuff to smell today. One of them smelled too young, too fruity. One was really good.”
Bieber’s fragrance is scheduled to hit shelves at U.S. discount retailer Wal-Mart on November 26. The deal comes two weeks after Bieber announced plans to launch a nail polish line.
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Make Money Online Guide 8

Make Money Online -Guide 6, Make Money Online - Guide 5, Make Money Online -Guide 7

Learn How To Make Money Online - Safe And Sure Ways To Earn Some Profit From The Internet
Want to learn how to make money online? Since it was introduced to the world in 1995, the internet has quickly changed the way we live. Case in point: back in 1994, whoever thought we will be enjoying the latest album of our favourite pop star without having to go to a record shop? Back in 1994, whoever thought that those voluminous hardbound encyclopedias would be next to obsolete? Back in 1994, whoever thought that we can keep in touch with friend and relatives many miles away by writing them letters they can receive in a matter of seconds (or even less)? Back in 1994, whoever thought that terms like downloads, uploads, Skype, Google, MySpace, and NSFW will be invented, and in fact, become accepted parts of our language system?

The internet has evolved our lives in so many ways  including how we can make a living.  Indeed, there are many, many ways by which one can earn from the World Wide Web. If you want to learn how to make money online legal and real money then read on, dear friend.Below are some opportunities that are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online:
Sell stuff over at eBay. This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to learn how to make money online. You can sell anything on eBay, the web largest auction site. With more than 20 million page views per day, eBay is a great venue for whatever you may decide on selling. Have some extra stuff lying around in the house? Sell it! No matter how worthless it may seem for you, it will be worth something for someone else. Better yet, find a wholesaler who will agree to sell to you his products at wholesale prices without a minimum order and who will only need you as a broker for his marketing campaigns. Such a wholesaler is called a dropshipper.

Sell your own products. Whether you can create physical or digital products (eBooks, special reports, software programs, etc.), you can sell them on the web via established merchant sites like the aforementioned, or via your own website. You keep all the profit!
Sell another merchant products for some commission. If you cannot, or dont want, to create your own products, you can opt to sell someone elses products and earn a commission per sale. This is called affiliate marketing, and it can be one of the most profitable opportunities when you decide to learn how to make money online. For beginners, it is suggested that they join established affiliate networks like and to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

Earn via Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. Create a website or a blog. Create an account over at Google AdSense or other PPC programs. Integrate the user-specific code they will provide. Drive traffic to your website or blog. Watch as the PPC program displays contextually relevant ads that will allow you to earn every time a visitor clicks on them.

Earn via Cost Per Action (CPA) programs. The problem with PPC programs is that they only pay miniscule amounts per click. If you want to earn substantial profit via this business model, you have to drive an amazing volume of traffic to your website. CPA programs are different. They will ask your visitors to perform a specific action  usually signing up to a mailing list  and they will pay you every time a visitor of yours fulfills such an a required action. Payouts range from a few cents to as high as $5 per action performed.
Sell your services online. Can you write web content? Can you write sales pages? Can you create software programs? Can you create fantastic graphics? Can you build websites? Sell your services via established freelancing websites like, and Online freelancing is the new face of telecommuting.These are just some of the more popular ways by which you can learn how to make money online. There are more, of course, but sticking with the above business models would be enough to guarantee for you some profit.
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Patrick Dempsey Cologne Ranger

Patrick Dempsey has certainly gotten better with age. "Ive always been a late bloomer," he admits. Hes married to makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, which may explain why hes now getting into the business of grooming. We talked to him about Unscripted, his lavender-and-vetiver mens fragrance for Avon—and what McDreamy (and McSteamy) have to say about it. Read More...

Click here to buy Patrick Dempsey UNSCRIPTED Eau de Toilette Spray
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Youtube is Coming to Pakistan is Coming to Pakistan some officers of Pakistan telecommunication authority have claimed that YouTube is going to launch his subdomain in Pakistan soon. These sources also told us that ministry of information technology and PTA working on joint draft to give legal status and indemnity to YouTube for launching its subdomain. The website is inaccessible for more than one year. The government has demanded to remove blasphemy content from its website but Google has refused to do so due to its consumer liberty and freedom of information policies. During high-level meeting in New York and then Dubai between Pakistani and Google owned YouTube representatives about reinstating and opening. YouTube has removed blasphemy American film in some Muslim countries on request of governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt,  Libya, and Iraq by allocating them special subdomain for their countries but in Pakistan YouTube is demanding legal protection under PTA ordinance because telecommunication law of state that any foreign company which is seeking to launch its subdomain in country by using servers of Pakistan telecommunication authority must get NOC from PTA.
youtube unbanned

PTA new chairman dr. Ismail shah told journalists that they are working on draft to legalize some domain. Certificate of no objection can given only when PTA ordinance is amended by parliament. Minister of information technology anosha rehman told media few days ago that  website will be opened soon but he refused to give dead line. The information technology standing committees of house of senate also have directed  government to open you tube. The was blocked one year ago on executive order of prime minister raja Pervez Ashraf order after release of hatred and blasphemy film in United States. Lahore high court also had order government to block access to YouTube. 

Former Interior minister  rehman malik had open few months ago but it was again blocked on pressure of religious clerics of country and media. YouTube is educational and informational tool for students which use it for research and also medium of entertainment for home users but now Pakistani people are confident that this site will be opened soon. There are also some technical hurdles for launching subdomain of, which is demand to give it legal indemnity first but government, and officials of ministry of information technology officials are demanding to remove blasphemy content first and also approval of draft is required from both national assembly and senate to launch in Pakistan. com .pk will be customized Pakistani domain and Pakistani government will have privilege to remove some disputed content from website. In recent years website has removed thousands of videos from its website on request of American national security agency officials but internet users of Pakistan are desperately waiting for in Pakistan.
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Best Public Domain niche

Public domain is like a garbage if you dont know how to use this articles.They cab be a full waste of time if you dont know how to make use of them properly.Here today we discuss Which is the best Public domain PLR niche to work on and make some profits.
Public domain niche

Talking about Public domain niche there are endless Topics you can choose,Some of them are your favorite,But The best is which make you a lot of profits.Some day ago i write a post where I write about the health niche and PLR articles.So the 1st Profitable niche is Health niche.

1.Health niche- As a human everyone want to stay fit and in shape.People do a lot of effort to get in shape and also spend a lot of money for that.Here your mind comes you can use thousands of free PLR articles in health niche and make money from it IF you want to know more you can check out this post Make use of PLR articles.

2. Marketing Niche- Yes Marketing niche In today world People Want to make as much as money they can.Every body want to get started but They dont know how So helping people and Getting some profits is a fair and great Public domain niche.You can download Marketing PLR articles here For free.

3.Cooking and Food- Food and cooking are one of those Topics which Just not only attract people from a specific community.All type of people living in our world including children To old people.House wives want to know how to make good and varieties of food,Some Researchers want to know How Old People cook their food and how They made this kind of food so Cooking articles can be a great Public domain niche you can download Some free PLR articles here on Cooking.

4. World war niche- For Me world war is a great niche People Like world war related topics war site films,Sound recording,Poster and much more.I personally recommend you to Work hard in this niche.

5.Public domain poems- Using Popular artworks can be a great Public domain niche.Poems are liked by everyone and They are written by hart and effort definitely this is a great Public domain niche.
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Promote Your Public Domain Ebook

Making a eBook is not too much complicated but promoting it makes you cry.Many people go wrong ways while promoting eBooks and ended up with nothing in their hand.I also comes in those guys who did things without thinking about the result and this is the most bad practice for a public domain marketer.

Things get started with a plan 

Plan yeah plan everything you want to do in future to make some bucks around.Plan what you have and how you can create a masterpiece from this and then represent this in the front of all the world.

So really what a plan look like

For me a plan has three points Collecting,Making,Representing!

1.Collecting - Collect everything you can,Collect every public domain images you can download,collect PLR articles,Public Domain text,books in public domain everything you have.Collect it and save it to a good place in hard disk.

2.Making - The most fun part of my Money making routine.In this youll have to creative and just creative.Mix everything you have and create a masterpiece.

3.Representing - The most difficult and time consuming task in our Money making campaign and today i will discuss and teach you something about this topic.

so what really a presentation means

You know what is first look.Everybody says that first look is last look and the first impression you give to your buyer can be the last for them for you.So be careful and gentle. After you create the eBook you just have to promote/present it on the web.

How to promote Your eBook?

So i writing few lines Thats will give you some idea on online promoting.

1. Create a clean looking website - Create a website that attract people not That one who have lots have ads in it and buyer doesnt see anything at that ads storm.Be clean and place maximum three ads on your website page thats on Header , Side bars and Footer. If you place ads in middle of you post you are likely to lose your visitors.

2. Create small Traffic generation website - You have millions even billions of article so why dont use them.Create small niche website That points to your website to make some traffic.In this way you can Create some back links and traffic too.

3.Create some more Free eBooks - Create some free eBook with your website link in them and post them on public forums free eBook distributing website and possible place you know great way to get some Real buyers from this.

4.Email list building - Build your list and be the money beast.Yes Email advertising is one of the best method to generate traffic or sales.Building list are easy free thing attract people and you have thousands of free public domain content why Dont just Throw it away to users and Force them to join your list Then send them updates about your Product.

5.Use Your articles - Again you have millions of free PLR articles why dont use them.There are Many free website who give you the opportunity to showcase your content at There website and You can generate traffic and back links from there website.Rewrite your some content and Submit them to website like squidoo,Hubpages and make some traffic.

And there are many ways in which you can promote you eBook This post continues next post i will Describe the creating part.
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How to Become A Freelancer In Pakistan

Freelancer is self-employed who is free and make plan own self. A freelancer has freedom to make plan at his work still he requires disciplines and well planning. A freelancer has to be make good rules and has to follow that rules to become successful in the marketing.

Eye Catching Logo:
For the freelancer Logo means a lot that makes freelancer more professional and easier to see. Using of business card, websites and power of logo gives a professional look which attracts the clients.

Make a Website:
Making a website means making a gateway to clients. When people want to find project firstly free lancer has to be online there. If freelancer is not online they think you are not availed. For becoming a good freelancer a website and blog is essential and updating the website is need of freelancer as well.

Using of Social Media:
Become successfulSocial Media is best way to connect with the people all over the World. No matter in which country you live. Many clients and partners will be there, Facebook and Twitter can be considered good relate to business. According to professional social media advertise business of freelancer.

Creativity can prove a good option, Using of better equipment in office space add some new products or services to office.

Treat Every Client as he is Unique:
When a good freelancer feels to client that he is unique and he is the only one then clients will be more loyal. Positive, smooth and humble use of language also can attract the clients and they will be willing to do work with more loyality. Many strong networks are there for becoming good relationships with clients. Freelancer in Pakistan should make sure that his client is satisfied to work with him.

Be Accountable:
A person should be responsible and accountable for himself. If work will in suffer than clients have effects of it. There are many tools and plenty of app for work. Must have self discipline to his work. Self discipline is the best way to become successful in this field.

These are the valuable tools for becoming succssfull in marketing. It is well mentioned for becoming good marketer as freelancer.
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How to create a public domain images website and use it

How to create a public domain images website and use it

In my previous I giving you the idea to create a free public domain image website,where you can advertise your zazzle products or make money with your website.But today i am giving you some tips and guidelines to setup a free public domain images website and run it successfully.
First of all signup for one of the website from here.You can signup for any website,also you can make multiple accounts with all website if you want.
I recommend weebly to create a free website.weebly is a free website where you can create two website in a free membership.

Weebly is a great website they have 100+ themes in which 25 is just released.You can customize theme of your website if you know some HTML but if you dont know anything about it you can use their drag and drop interface.

After the introduction these are the step to create a image website with weebly

1.login into your account and click on add site.Than choose your website category choose personal if you dont know what to choose.

2.Then choose your website tittle and domain name,choose both same and keyword rich.
Doing niche research and determining what is going to be your niche before creating a website is better. your website builder and choose a perfect theme for your website

4.The next step is to create pages for your site.Choose page from the builder and create page for your website as many as you want.But dont forget pages like about me ,link to us, and copyright information page.
These types of pages help you to build impression on your visitors.

5.Go to your created pages and add a gallery from the top menu.Upload your images to this gallery do this for all the created pages .

6.After completing your website images jump to your homepage make it look cool and trustworthy and hit publish.

This is how you can setup a public domain images website for free.See a example of public domain images website

1.Also create a blog.Where you send information about your website or send new public domain images to your visitor.Creating a blog is good for both you and your visitor.
2.remember provide a copywrite information page tell them that your free to download our content.
3.showcase your zazzle products on this website.i prefer you to use zazzle accosiate in this website and make money.
4.also use this public domain images to get traffic.Tell them if they want to use this imges for commercial purpose they have to give you a dofollow link.
5.give some images free without restriction to enhance your visitor.

if you have more ideas to make money with public domain images you can provide them in comments
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Online Writing Jobs For Students Without Investment

Students can free online writing jobs without investment in Pakistan now it has become best jobs for students as part of work from home job because writing has always enchanted everyone, individuals from all the ages, groups, and walks of life. Spilling the beans through writing would finance people from all walks of life, no one had thought about it. This is no more a surprise because there are millions of aspiring writers who, compelled of writing due to their financial problems or whatever, are writing about everything -Be it technology, science, fiction, literature or marketing the products. Since the world has been transformed into global village, and marketer gives everything to consumer what it takes to be a supplier.
Free Jobs Fo Students

Categories of writers:
There are certain categories in which writers have groomed themselves and created the need and importance of writing. Here is the categorically analysis and eye-view about the importance of writing.

Science writers: Story of immediate “read and writes”.
Science writers are the ones, writing about new inventions, innovations and discoveries that scientists are spending their lives to bring out. As long as journals come up with new things, scientific writers go on blogging these things on their blogs, websites and for newspapers.

Passion funds Tech writers:
Then there are technical writers who are always writing about technology, and are tech-hippies. These young writers, usually, cannot wait to listen what is new in tech market and are passionate to write about technology with the blend of scientific innovations, wherever needed.

Academic writer broaden their horizon and get money:
Then there is no deficiency of people who are busy, lazy or procrastinated to write their research papers, thesis and do assignments. For this type of people there are always people who are there to help these procrastinated young pals on the cost of some dollars to write for them. These people, even from other continents, take the burden and write academic work for others and earn money that they might spend partying or pay their own academic fee.

“Perks of being a Translator writer:”
In this emerging global village, it is important to learn other languages than English, and in order to be more efficient in communication firms, companies and institutes have started to hire free-lancer translators. Translators have got the privileges, said to be, ‘Perks of being a translator’. There are not merely these jobs that satisfy writers monetarily but also there are jobs of bloggers, free-lance writers for newspapers.

Reviews of Gaming become job:
Another sort of job that very young pals are into is the job of writing reviews about games and technology. Written reviews give websites huge revenue and a part of which is spent of those young writers who are writing their passion out. World certainly does not end here, there are people who hire writers who are more than willing to write creativity.

Creative writers are no more jobless:
There are firms and companies hiring novelists, short story writers and fiction writers and all of them are paid well, at last creativity is creativity and cannot be compromised or compared with any other genre of technical work.
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Senin, 25 April 2016

Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page To Make More Money

Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page To Make More Money
Make Money Online by Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page Make Money Online by Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page. To acquire ranked in every single research engines 1st web page, you need a powerful search engine marketing (SEO) technique to maintain your internet site in front of the levels of competition. Nevertheless were you aware that you can improve Fb fan pages, as well? Optimizing a fan page for search engines like google helps people from find you more easily, and in addition, it can help you to definitely stand out on the internet. Youll be able to use standard Search engine optimization in your Myspace enthusiast web page to obtain additional fans along with organic visitors to your site. In reality, Fb by itself has had major measures to enhance its own Search engine optimization in the course of latest several weeks and also weeks, making it possible for enthusiast web page keepers to gain directly while making value pertaining to Facebook as well. Listed here are some good ideas to help you market as well as enhance your current Facebook lover web site.
1. Use a keyword wealthy enthusiast web page name , nor put it back. High-traffic key phrases using lower opposition in search engines like google count their particular kilobytes within platinum. However don’t attempt to be able to stuff your own name using common keywords, instead, you should use your actual business brand or think about any captivating lover web site brand together with your keyword within it. If your concept appears to be simple junk, Myspace can determine you out before you can add the 1st photograph.

2. Develop a exclusive vanity Web address or perhaps login for the enthusiast site. You will get the opportunity to utilize a universal search term on the login. A word associated with extreme caution although, should you go with a plain key phrase,just depend on any particular one keyword. Instead, put it to use together with your organization brand as well as just about any word in which best symbolizes your organization. Nonetheless, One hundred fans are expected just before have the option to produce a special username to your enthusiast web page.

3. Make use of keywords and phrases around your current Zynga page. Strategically spot your keywords inside your "about" tab, details, take note tabs, whenever you blogposts content, responses along with the statuses. You can even set keyword rich tickets strongly related your business when adding images and also events. Always put explanations upon each and every piece of written content you publish at the same time. Each and every little part of this particular you do will certainly only force your current web site increased in the Search engines ranks.

4. Utilize Static FBML html coding to further improve along with enhance the choices of your Fb lover web site and immediate more and more internet surfers aimed at your web. Lastly, you are able to place much more fixed links as well as articles to enhance the actual density score of your respective Enthusiast Site.

5. Promote your lover site along with other online community websites to have inbound links along with enhance its presence. In case Yahoo and google views youre throughout the web, you will find theres greater probability that you should have greater rates high as well as your possible followers should be able to see you. This is the frequent theme within standard SEO, but backlink building just as much worth in your enthusiast site as it gives your site.

6.Half a dozen. Articles search term abundant content material boost frequently as it is possible to give up enough time for. Consistently give food to your supporters clean, appropriate written content and also links so that your site is often as obvious as you possibly can.

7. Submit hyperlinks from your website. Submitting hyperlinks in status updates could be a powerful along with trustworthy way to improve your hyperlink rating while using main search engines.

8. Acquire enthusiasts for you to opinion or even such as the written content in your supporter web site. The greater energetic your current web page is actually, the greater your chances are to get additional reciprocal backlinks through sites that view your articles because useful thus to their market.
Ok now you can make more money on Facebook with your account, on this category i have written some posts guiding to do that go to here to read it
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Make Money on Facebook Automatically using FBAuto Comment and Like

Maybe you would not believe, if in the online world, you can have a robot that will make money for you automatically. Robots in the online world can be shaped Software, Application, Virus Marketing, Plugins, and More. In this article I will only describe the software from Facebook Autocomment and Like.
Make money online by using the software Facebook Autocomment And Like.

As the name suggests, this software serves to provide comments and like automatically.
So, what are the benefits?
What if I told you? You can promote your products to thousands of Facebook Fanpage in just a few minutes. :)

The main display:

This is not my software, but this is a software created by a young man of Asian countries, exactly in Indonesia.

Ok .. Lets see how the setting of this software.
in this setting, users can freely choose the action of Bot, who is the target and what comments will be sent.

- Comment: This Textbox filled if we choose the action bot = Auto comment
- Signature: To provide a signature at the end of the comment.
- Mention Friend: For mention the name of a friend in the comments.
- Auto Confirm Friend: To perform an auto confirmation of friendship.
- Button Exception: To set an exception.
- Target : Target bot.
- Interval: Recurrence time it takes the bot to perform an action.

If all the settings are finished, click "Done"
all the settings you make will be saved automatically, so when you create new settings, you can still turning to the old settings.

How this could work?
See Video:

Okay friend, still a lot of software that you can use to Make Money Automatically.
Not will be enough if I explain in this article.

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Facebook Business Promotion

When Mark Zuckerberg switched his tiny university assignment to a global trend, he started out many opportunities for internet marketers. Facebook promotion is more and more the go to technique for organizations trying to connect to a lot more clients and eventually to boosts income and sales.
Business Promotion
Data inform us the fact that normal Fb user is linked to a minimum of 60 pages and posts, And thinking about there presently exists greater than 500 million Fb visitors around the world, consider what number of customers your organization could arrive at. Facebooks Advertisements Program enables companies to legally sell their product and solutions.

Research also inform us that searchers are 3 to 5 times It really works Remember that Facebook . Com is not only just for youngsters – statistically, above 30 Percent of Fb members are over 35 years old, as well as the volumes are growing.

In comparison to Search Engines, Fb advertisement clicks are comparatively low cost.

Caution! Fb could be addictive! You should use a large amount of self-control. Preventing Facebook . Com however since you feel it would be too frustrating means missing out on excellent possibilities provided by Fb promotion. In case you have properly made a Fb page, ensure you up-date it on a regular basis making it look attractive for potential clients.

Keep In Mind, Fb promotion performs only when you spend the amount of time to really make it work.

Daily, a growing number of companies are becoming a member of the Fb Online Marketing bandwagon as a result of huge achievement many companies are receiving.
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TIP 2 Make Money With Facebook

Make money on Facebook - tips
Make money with facebook worldwide.Genuine money making opportunities Facebook has more visitors than google.Which means it has more viewers which increase money making opprtunity.It is one of the few network where you can get free visitors to your website or links.You can use facebook to get millions of visitors and make money if you use it at its full potential as shown in this program .These people will provide you with the best techniques after years research to copy what they have done to make a lot of money.Its guaranteed to work if you follow their well displayed instructions.step by step instructions.These working methods are being given away because there is so much traffic out there, we will never run into competition. Facebook is different. Its not like Google Adwords or running banner ads or trying to get your page ranked #1 in the search engine results.You will find how powerful this brand new Facebook marketing system is... for beginners and veterans, product owners and affiliates.This system can be used worldwide so is facebook.
Another beauty of this system is that you will be able to make money even on the move, directly from your smartphone!Because not only does it focus on wher the big money is, but it also shows you how to do it quickly, and easily, using proven psychological techniques, and Viral tactics which make the whole process virtually Hands free for you.It makes no difference if...Youve tried affiliate marketing before and tanked hard...Youve been blind sided by too many guru rip-off systems...Youve never sold a single thing before in your life...This simple process will put you right in front of the 500 MILLION users, and make you ready to start making money, as soon as TONIGHT!If you still dont believe these genuine guys show you real proof video of how everything works when you click on this link. But I should warn you that its not something where you will earn millions in a month or thousands in your first day.It will require some work from you and willingness to let us help you use the information provided in the right way, which is in short,let us help you copy and put to use exactly what we have done to make you earn a lot of money and make your efforts payback bigtime.You should only take the step if you are willing to develop a business mindset.That is,..willing to put the initial effort and work (atleast 1 hour and 30 minutes a day in this business)...Are willing to accept mistakes done in the past and take the right examples and conclusion from them..willing to learn new things, and throw away old misconceptions.And i personally believes that making money online is absolutely achievable if you have these attributes which is not at all complicated. It doesnt matter if you have struggled with making money online in the past... or even if youre totally new to all of this. All that matters is that you are willing to give yourself the chance to succeed. Weve got all the steps and action plans waiting for you, all you have to do is simply turn up and get started.They are so confident that they are giving $100 GUARANTEE And 8 Week Refund if you are not happy with the product.Dont miss out and take the steps to make a lot of money as from now.
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Minggu, 24 April 2016

List of ppc network

List of affiliate programs

This is a list of site where you can create a account and make money by showing their ads on your blog and website.

Google Adsense
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What Is The Cyber stalking

Cyber stalking Means Whoever with intent to coerce, intimidates, or harass any person uses computer, computer network, internet, network site, electronic mail or any other similar means of communication to.
• Communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious ,
• or indecent language, picture or image;
• make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature;
• threaten any illegal or immoral act;
• take or distribute pictures or photographs of any person
• without his consent or knowledge;
• display or distribute information in a manner that
• substantially increases the risk of harm or violence to any
• Other person commits the offence of cyber stalking.
Whoever commits the offence specified in sub-section (1) shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years or with fine not exceeding three hundred thousand rupees, or with both.
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MEDA USAID Pakistan Job

MEDA & USAID Ngo Jobs in Pakistan Since its inception in 1953, Mennonite Economic Development Associated (MEDA) has been committed to local ownership and sustainable outcomes. MEDA is currently working in many countries all around the world MEDA uses business-oriented approaches to international economic development that results in sustainable enterprises to benefit the poor and to help them improve their livelihoods.
USAID Pakistan MEDA New Job
JOB TITLE: Communication Specialist
REPORTS TO: Communications Director
DUTY STATION : Islamabad
PROJECT: USAID Pakistan Entrepreneurs

Skills and Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s degree in communication, or a related field, from a reputable university Masters is an advantage.
2. Six- Eight years of relevant (communication) experience.
3. Experience with USAID projects; and strong understanding and familiarity with USAID branding and marking regulations.
4. Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
5. Wide network with media practitioners.
6. Ability to rapidly assimilate information and be able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
7. Creative and strategic thinker, able to analyze, problem solve and clearly articulate concepts and solutions, with a strong eye for detail.
8. Strong initiative and ability to work autonomously, while being a good team player.
9. Basic photography skills, color correction and treatment of pictures specifically Adobe Photoshop, design work on Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator.

MEDA offers competitive salary packages and excellent working environment. We highly encourage qualified females to apply, if you like to become part of a dynamic team and an organization that is truly committed to bring change in people’s life.
Please send your CV along with covering letter describing your suitability for the position to the following email address; (Please mention “position title” in the subject line of the email) Deadline for Submission of Applications is Sunday October 14th, 2012
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All About Soy What Is It and Is It Healthy

The soybean is a bean which has been cultivated and consumed in Asian countries for centuries. A raw soybean contains 36 grams of protein per 100 grams and also contains Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B 6 and Vitamin C.

It is mostly used to add protein to animal feeds but is also used to make soy milk (3.3 grams of protein per 100 grams), soy flour (35 grams of protein per 100 grams), soy protein (81 grams of protein per 100 grams) and tofu (8 grams of protein per 100 grams).

Soy is a vegetarian source of protein, which contains necessary amino acids.

Here are a few other facts about Soy Products:

  • The Food and Drug Association says that consuming 25 grams of soy protein daily decreases heart disease risk.
  • Soybeans cant be eaten raw and need to be cooked.
  • Soybean meal, which is what remains after the fat has been removed from the soybean, is about 50% protein
  • Soybean oils, along with other vegetable oils, are considered unhealthy as they are high in Omega 6 Fatty Acids. We generally consume too much of this in our Western diets which can lead to inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.
  • Studies show conflicting results about whether soy decreases cholesterol levels or not. More research is needed to be more conclusive about this.
  • Soy is shown to mess with the estrogen receptors in the body. While it has been shown to decrease prostate cancer in older men, it has also been seen as increasing breast cancer risk in woman. Some also suggest that high soy consumption can reduce testosterone levels in both men and woman. More research is also needed to determine what soy actually does in the body regarding hormone activity because studies are often conflicting.
  • Some people argue that fermented soy is healthy, but poses health risks when it is not fermented. There is conflicting research and evidence regarding this as well. Most people agree that the more soy is processed, the more it loses its potential health value.
  • Many people argue that soy plants have been genetically modified to withstand high levels of pesticides and herbicides for mass, commercial cultivation. Less leads to unnatural plans which wont carry as much nutritional benefits and pose their own health risks, and dangers of consuming products with residue poisons that lead to long term health issues like cancer. 
  • Processed soy products typically contain fewer compounds that would interfere with hormone levels, but also contain fewer nutrients. Some also argue that even though these might have a higher protein content, much of the protein in these products become damaged or of less use to the body. 
  • The health benefits or health risks associated with soy products requires more research, which some arguing that it is a super food and others arguing that it causes harm. More studies are currently being done to shed more light on the soy controversy.

As you can see above, there is a lot of conflicting about whether soy is good for you or not. What is my take? Soy can be used as a healthy form of protein as long as it is as natural and unprocessed as possible, such as raw soybeans that are cooked or using soy protein as an alternative to other protein powders. However, I do believe that even though it can be healthy to use soy protein to VARY your protein intake, it should not be consumed in access or form the majority of your protein consumption. I personally believe that the best form of protein is a varied form of protein, using a mixture of whey, soy, casein, pea, egg, meat, fish, seafood and other plant proteins. Stay Strong!

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Rahmapk org RAHMA Islamic Relief Jobs RAHMA Islamic Relief Jobs is a registered charity accredited by the Government of Pakistan in 2009 under the trust act 1882. We aspire to create a just and caring society where the needs of the poor and unprivileged people of Pakistan including AJK are taken care of and in case of natural or man-made disaster; timely help is ensured to them. 

RAHMA Islamic Relief Jobs Pakistan
Vacancies A humanitarian organization seeks the services of following professional. Deadline for applications: 25th October, 2012 Please email your application (cover letter and CV) to For more details, please visit our website Do not forget to mention position applied in the subject. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. We are equal opportunity employer 

Consultant (1 Position) Eligibility:
At least university graduate
Expert in policy making having strong background of legal affairs
Minimum 15 years of experience in relevant field
Excellent Reporting Skills and interpersonal communication skills.
Doctor – Male/Female (2 Position) Eligibility:
MBBS degree from reputable institution with PMDC registration.
Minimum 1 year experience. Candidates having experience of working with communities
would be preferred.
Social Mobilizer (1 Position) Eligibility:
Minimum graduate; candidate having master’s degree will be preferred.
Minimum 1 year relevant experience.
Local candidates would be preferred.

Our mission is to improve the life quality of vulnerable people through sustainable development and to ensure timely humanitarian assistance in need.
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How To Teach Adfly Tutorial how To Shrink Links With Adf ly

 How To Shrink Links With

In this lesson, youll learn about the way shortcut links, that you know how to create one in adfly site, we will now know the way shortcut links Once your adfly account is ready to use:

1. GO to adfly And click on Log-In Enter Registration Information

how To Shrink Links With

2. will take you to your default page which is your "Details Page"

3. Here you have the options to "Shrink a Link" and monitor all the money that you have made with your published links.

4. Copy and paste the URL for the link that you want to Shrink into the "Shrink Link" section. Its right at the top and extremely visible.

how To Shrink Links With

5. Click the copy button to copy the link

6. Post your link on your web site, blog, Twitter, Digg, Reddit or other places.

7. Wait and watch how many people have clicked on your

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How to Make Money on Facebook with Clickbank

From a variety of online business that I follow, Clickbank is an online business which I like, because Clickbank pays an average of  50-75% every product sold. So, if you sell products worth $ 100, then you will get a commission around $ 50 - $ 75. Imagine, how much money you can get, if you managed to sell 10 products in one day. 

Clickbank is very different from amazon, because Clickbank sell digital goods such as ebook and software. And the way you promote clickbank products also differ in the way you promote Amazon products.

Ok, follow these step:
1. Create account in
2. Select a category and a product that you really like
3. Get your affiliate link
4. Promote products that you select with Facebook
5. Earn income from Clickbank

But, is there a secret to getting money from clickbank?
yes! of course, although it looks very simple look of clickbank. but in which there is a secret how you can earn money quickly.

"Click Here if you need guidance about Clickbank. And get the secrets of the Clickbank"

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