Jumat, 22 April 2016

Effects of Load Shedding in Pakistan

Load shedding is a part of our lives now. Something,us Pakistanis have accustomed to so well that if (very rarely) effected, the light doesnt go out on its prescribed time, it is celebrated with joy. Then again the moment of rejoice when the lights come back. Such are the little happinesss in our lives.
However on a more serious note,its such a pity to see this country in such a state. The government and our rulers have managed to disappoint us time and again by failing badly in serving the population which is their basic responsibility. Its just shameful in fact how these rulers are living luxuriously off our money and openly causing corruption.
Talking specifically about load-shedding, it has caused distress nation-wide. Industries have suffered immensely and so have businesses linked to them. Those people who have electricity oriented jobs like tailors also face much hardships. Then again, students have and are continuing to suffer as they are unable to study without the basic necessities. The generator and ups businesses have undoubtedly flourished and gained popularity though. However these are just luxuries which the middle and upper classes can afford. Many people from the upper class have also started considering immigration and settlements abroad. As a result, the class difference has gone wider which is but a sad reality. The rich have only gone richer and are the ones least affected. The poor have gone poorer and understandably gotten frustrated. 

Productivity when performing various tasks has also decreased rapidly. Fewer tasks can be done without electricity and hence there is lesser time available otherwise which calls for more efficiency. As a result, time management is a big issue very often. On the other hand, the price of electricity and fuel has increased rapidly which has only tightened the conditions of the general population. As a whole, it has caused much misery in the country and has posed many problems which need to be fixed before its too late.

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