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Facts About Squats

Squatting is arguably the best muscle building exercise out there. Weve decided to compose a list of facts about squats that you might (or might not) already know.

Facts about Squats

1. Squats Work the Entire Leg Muscles

Squats are good for growing the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes generally. They also work the ankles, abs, oblique muscles and lower back.

2. Squats Increase Human Growth Hormone

Squatting regularly will increase your bodys production of Human Growth Hormone, a hormone that speeds up muscle recovery and aids muscle growth.

3. Squats Also Increase Natural Testosterone

The body responds to squatting exercises by producing more testosterone, the hormone which, among other things, determines muscle size.

4. Squats Give You a Good-Looking, Sexy But

Squats make your bum look more aesthetic and more attractive to the opposite sex. This is true for males AND females.

5. Squats Increase Your Endurance

The more you squat, the easier you will the rest of the exercises you do at the gym, no matter what you goals are.

6. Squats Increase Blood Circulation and Oxygen Usage

The more you squat, the better your body will be at performing other physical tasks. This raises your immune system, metabolic rate and energy levels.

7. A Squat Burns Fat at a Faster Rate than Running

Squatting continuously for the same time as jogging, for example, will burn fat faster whilst still increasing muscle mass.

8. Performing Semi-Squats Decrease Mobility over Times

Like with any exercise, use the full range of motion. Squats are no exception. Doing half-rep squats could negatively impact the general mobility of your muscles and joints over time as you train to work within lesser motions.

9. Doing Squats Properly Actually Improves Your Knees

Doing squats regularly without overdoing it to injury will actually build your knee/ankle joints and their surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons over time. Squats are used in some rehabilitation courses to help people rebuild knee and ankle strength. It is important to always use full range of motion and correct form. 

10. Squats Are Good For Digestion and Help Keep You Regular

Cant produce squat in the bathroom? Try producing squats at the gym!

11. Squats Help Build and Maintain Muscular Balance and Posture

The better you can hold your squat, the better your body can hold itself. Squatting teaches you to keep your back straight, and is great for programming your body to keep the right, healthiest posture subconsciously, too.

12. Squats Strengthen Your Core

The better your core, the stronger your lifts will be in general. Note that it is important to do additional core strengthening work outside of squats as well.

13. Squats Will Make You Jump Higher

The strengthening of the leg muscles used during the squat means that you will have more power accessible for jumping activities. 

14. Squats can help your Run

Since squats help your leg muscles so much, they can add power to your sprint and add joint protection for long-distance runners, too.

15. Get Mentally Used to Intensity

 If you can squat with heavy weights almost till failure for a few reps regularly, you wont have a problem with added intensity in your other exercises. Since squats are one of the most intensive exercises, once youve got this one down it will be a lot easier dealing with other physical challenges during your training.

16. You Can Squat Easily

Squats, push-ups, planks and pull-ups make a great almost-full-body-workout when you cant get to the gym and dont have any equipment with you. Luckily this means that you can get bigger and stronger no matter where you are!

17. Squatting Undoes All the Negative Muscle-moves We Do Daily

Nothing like some good squats to counteract all the bad postures we put ourselves through in daily activities like sitting, computer work and driving.

18. Squatting Can Help Eliminate Back Pain

This is because it undoes negative posture moves like in the point above, and because it helps strengthen the lower back muscles.

Can you think of any other reasons why squats are great? Do you know of any other interesting facts about squats? Let us know below

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