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How to create a public domain images website and use it

How to create a public domain images website and use it

In my previous I giving you the idea to create a free public domain image website,where you can advertise your zazzle products or make money with your website.But today i am giving you some tips and guidelines to setup a free public domain images website and run it successfully.
First of all signup for one of the website from here.You can signup for any website,also you can make multiple accounts with all website if you want.
I recommend weebly to create a free website.weebly is a free website where you can create two website in a free membership.

Weebly is a great website they have 100+ themes in which 25 is just released.You can customize theme of your website if you know some HTML but if you dont know anything about it you can use their drag and drop interface.

After the introduction these are the step to create a image website with weebly

1.login into your account and click on add site.Than choose your website category choose personal if you dont know what to choose.

2.Then choose your website tittle and domain name,choose both same and keyword rich.
Doing niche research and determining what is going to be your niche before creating a website is better. your website builder and choose a perfect theme for your website

4.The next step is to create pages for your site.Choose page from the builder and create page for your website as many as you want.But dont forget pages like about me ,link to us, and copyright information page.
These types of pages help you to build impression on your visitors.

5.Go to your created pages and add a gallery from the top menu.Upload your images to this gallery do this for all the created pages .

6.After completing your website images jump to your homepage make it look cool and trustworthy and hit publish.

This is how you can setup a public domain images website for free.See a example of public domain images website

1.Also create a blog.Where you send information about your website or send new public domain images to your visitor.Creating a blog is good for both you and your visitor.
2.remember provide a copywrite information page tell them that your free to download our content.
3.showcase your zazzle products on this website.i prefer you to use zazzle accosiate in this website and make money.
4.also use this public domain images to get traffic.Tell them if they want to use this imges for commercial purpose they have to give you a dofollow link.
5.give some images free without restriction to enhance your visitor.

if you have more ideas to make money with public domain images you can provide them in comments

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