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Top 5 Alternatives To YouTube

There was a time when YouTube was daddy of all online video sharing websites. But as the time passes a common internet user can’t relay on an only platform to stay update. First there arises a question that why we should find an alternative to YouTube in Pakistan?The answer is very simple; being a parent or an elder sibling we never will let our children and younger brother/sister to visit every sort of videos on internet especially on YouTube. Where, there is no manner of video filtration and content censorship. Any one with anonymous user name can upload any kind of material on YouTube. In this article today we will discuss about the top 5 alternative websites to YouTube.

Dailymotion is a French website in this website a user can upload, share and view different videos. You can find a lot of music and entertaining stuff here. Dailymotion is very popular due to its high quality video sharing. The main reason of the shifting of a user to Dailymotion is a protected copyright it apply an acoustic fingerprinting system that can notice copyrighted videos and avoid their publication.

It is a very fast-growing platform with fairly serious internet traffic. Not like YouTube, Vimeo mostly has proof-looking videos and has two alternatives for its users: a basic account with restrictions and a paid one ($59.99/yr) with advanced options and bigger space. was the first website that support the 1280x720(720p) HD videos to its users. And it believes on HD quality result to its users.
Top 5 Alternatives

If we say Vevo is another name of music in the world of internet then it will not be wrong. Vevo is owned by Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media, Google, and Universal Music Group. Vevo is very famous due to its strong content censorship. Another X-factor of Vevo is that it has launched its online internet television channel

Veoh is famous due its internet television that hosts studio material, independent productions and user-generated material. uses both technologies peer-to-peer and Adobe Flash-based streaming video technology. A publisher can use its PC to upload a video content. It offers two viewing options that allows viewers to watch streaming web video from across the Web including via their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and Although offers a wider selection of network television content and allows viewers to watch full episodes of TV shows and full-length movies.

Metacafe: is specialized website in the form of short movies, games, music and sports. has approximately 40 million unique users every month. Like other video sharing websites Metacafe doesnt host any duplicate video. A video can only be uploaded once on this site. And if your video is popular among users and have 20,000 viewers then 1 Metacafe will pay you 5$ per 1,000 views. It is a very good motivation for online user to produce nice and cool videos.

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