Rabu, 20 April 2016

What Does Reese Witherspoons Fragrance Smell Like

As you may have heard, Reese Witherspoon has her own fragrance (her first!) with Avon, it turns out, has always been obsessed with fragrance, but like most people, her tastes have evolved. "When I was 18, I wore something that smelled like cake, then I moved on to more fruity things. But now Im older," she said. The final scent she chose for her namesake perfume is a floral blend called In Bloom thats all about her Southern roots (and you can totally tell from reading the list of notes—it includes gardenia, magnolia, and Georgia peach, after all). And once she had the juice down, there was one last detail Reese insisted on: a little hang-tag on the bottle with her initials. "I wanted it monogrammed because Im Southern and I monogram everything in the house," she said. "Its a compulsion I have. I literally dont have a towel thats not monogrammed."  Order In Bloom Here

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