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Create Verify Payza Account In Pakistan

Payza is e-wallet transaction website, which accept payments in 22 currencies and accepted in 197 countries of world. Payza accepted at millions of online stores and merchants due to efficiency and ease of payment processor. PayPal is officially not available in Pakistan so people in Pakistan use as effective alternative of money transaction in Pakistan.

How to Create Payza Account
   1) Go to
   2) Click on signup and select starter or personal account but personal is recommended.
   3) Fill application form with valid details and click on verify email address.
   4) Go to your email address and click confirmation link.
   5) Verify by phone number.

Add Bank Account or Credit Card
Verify Payza Account
You can also add bank account or credit card with your account by simply clicking on add bank account option or add credit card option Payza will ask you to verify your account by your credit card by charging four dollars from your credit card or through bank wire transfer from your added bank into your account but all these methods are time consuming and needs worth care in order to get verified in Pakistan which is popular topic in online money making forums of country and internet due to fact that million dollars payments are processed every day from verified Payza accounts in country.

Get Verified Payza through Payoneer Account
Payoneer master card is free card delivered at your home by payoneer after you signed up for your free card but question is can you use this card with Payza account verification then answer is simple yes, you can do this like other ordinary credit cards in your pocket. Just go to your Payza account, click on credit card verification, and enter your card number and CVV of master card and click on start verification but keep in mind your card must be loaded with at least four dollars and activated to use with account.  There are many benefits of using payoneer master card for verification of Payza account because it is 24/7 available for online transaction so no need to activate it for transaction for internet like other Pakistani credit cards.

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Payoneer master card is made up by US virtual payment service so Payza will instantly verify your account if you have at least four dollars in your Us virtual payment service account of payoneer master card. Verified account will provide you many benefits including lifting up limits for sending and receiving money, express withdraw directly into your bank account, unlimited shopping at different online stores, email invoices, payments accepted at thousands of merchants. You can buy prepaid mobile vouchers for your mobile, shopping items and domains and hosting in Pakistan through verified Payza account because it is secured online e-wallet company, which is accepted in 197 countries including Pakistan where PayPal is not accepted so thats way it is best alternative of online money transaction in Pakistan.

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